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Custom Trailer Units

Soft Wash/Roof Wash Trailer Units

Designed with lower pressures for Soft Wash and Roof Wash applications, these trailer-mounted units feature higher volumes and lower pressures. Designed and built for use with detergents and cleaning chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, these higher-volume units are ideal for all chemical wash applications.

Trailer Mounted Pressure Cleaning Units

Hydro-Quip designs and custom builds trailer-mounted pump systems for your toughest cleaning applications. These systems include a pump/engine unit, bypass valves, water holding tanks, detergent/chemical tanks, high-pressure hose reels with discharge hose, garden hose reels for inlet water connection, inlet filter, and all other components required to complete the system.

Industrial Forging

Need Help?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about your next custom trailer unit.

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