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Pressure Cleaning Equipment


Gasoline Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Hydro-Quip builds gasoline-powered pressure washers that provide the power for your toughest cleaning jobs. With durable construction and top-quality components, Hydro-Quip offers a broad range of gas-powered systems that deliver cleaning power of up to 5000 PSI.

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Diesel Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Built for your toughest cleaning jobs, Hydro-Quip’s diesel pressure washers are ideal for all industrial, offshore, and marine cleaning applications. Equipped with an optional manual air shutdown (MAS) and spark arrestor, this diesel workhorse perfectly operates in hazardous-duty locations.

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Electric Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Designed for all your cleaning requirements, Hydro-Quip’s electric-powered pressure washers run quieter than gasoline-powered units and offer models that deliver cleaning power of up to 5000 PSI.


Pneumatic Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Designed for operation in hazardous duty locations, Hydro-Quip’s exclusive air-operated pressure washer is the industry’s only pneumatic system available. Units are intrinsically safe and ideally suited for the toughest industrial, offshore, and marine applications.

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Hydraulic Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Engineered for specialty cleaning requirements, Hydro-Quip’s hydraulic-driven pump systems are rugged, durable, and connect to your existing hydraulic system. These efficient and compact systems models deliver cleaning power up to 5000 PSI.

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